Thursday, November 30, 2006

Need a prayer? .... III
(Dedicated to my Mom Violeta)

Prayer of St. Bernadette of Lourdes.
O My God, I beg You, by Your loneliness,
not that You may spare me affliction,
but that You may not abandon me in it.
When I encounter affliction,
teach me to see You in it as my sole comforter.
Let affliction strengthen my faith,
fortify my hope, and purify my love.
Grant me the grace to see Your hand in my affliction,
and to desire no other comforter but You.
Amen .

Oración de Santa Bernardette de Lourdes
O Mi Dios, yo te imploro, por Tu soledad,
no que Tu me puedas guardar de la aflicción,
pero que Tu no me abandones en ella.
Cuándo encuentre aflicción,
enséñame a verte en ella como mi único consuelo.
Permite que la aflicción refuerce mi fe,
fortifique mi esperanza, y purifique mi amor.
Otórgame la gracia de ver Tu mano en mi aflicción,
y que no desee ningún otro consuelo que Tu Mi Dios.
Amén Did you know that St. Bernadette was the first Saint to be photographed?
Bill sent me a bunch of relic cards from El Paso - Texas , thanks a whole lot , they are "My Relics" from now on. The first one I saw was Saint Bernadette, Immediately I thought about my mom Violeta and how much I miss her, she is a hard working woman , always active; she is my daily strength and my confident. She can be firm in her decisions and Boy she can get moody!. She loves saints and she owns a big collection of colonial saints from my great , grant, grant, grant, parents. She was the first person that taught me how to pray when I was a kid; her faith helped us through hard times in Bolivia and all the political instability of the 80's . I am very proud to be called her oldest daughter. I talk to her almost every day and she always tells me how much she loves me and I call her "Mamasita" because she is a very lovely lady.

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