Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving !

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for all the blessings we receive from the Lord, just the fact to have another day to see the sun rising on our heads is enough to be thankful! , God will provide for His kids and He always takes care of us.
In Bolivia we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but personally, I love it! It represents a good pretext to get stuffed to the limit and share with the people you love a joyful day. I am very thankful that this year I had around me a lot of people , seniors, adults, married couples, adolescents, kids, a couple of twins, a baby, a puppy, and my beloved cats Sasha & Drago.
For several years in this country Thanksgiving was just another day for me and I did not have anyone to celebrate it with, but somehow the Lord provided many people that surrounded me with love.
I felt very happy and thankful. Our dinner was great, I had to cook for 15 people in a limited amount of time by myself and somehow God guide me through pans, pots, turkeys and knifes and helped me not to burn anything, keep the food tasting well and my fingers in one piece.
Kids can be very picky with what they eat and it is always challenging to prepare dinner for a big group of people and satisfy everybody. I love healthy food and I like to double check for any excess of fat, sodium and preservatives, generally I like to use organic ingredients ( My sister Kareen is worse, she is a healthy queen) but this time, the WalMart provided with everything that I needed to prepare a nourishing dinner for all the kids we had at home. Somehow I did not want to go to a restaurant like someone in the house suggested for Thanksgiving, I wanted a family dinner! And my only purpose that moment was to prepare dinner no matter what!
I did not get to make a dessert but I do not think any one in our table had any space remaining in their tummies, so I did not feel badly about that and next day that was the first thing I prepared a delicious Coconut - Milk Flan that the kids loved it ( I will post the recipe later this week for Mrs. Laura). We had a delicious Mushroom Turkey ( I did not have a clue about what kind of Turkey people eat here for thanksgiving), Herbs Mashed Potatoes , Green beans, Banana Nut Bread , Corn Bread, Steamed Broccoli and Asparagus , Turkey Stuffing , Mushroom Sauce, Gravy, Sweet potatoes, Manicotti, Cranberry Sauce, Bread, Tea and Coffee. I still cannot believe I was able to cook all that food from scratch in less than three hours by myself, the hands of the Lord were by my side and helped me through!
Mr. Alva as the oldest person in our group gave the Lord thanks for our food and for the opportunity to be together and right after the amen, Kids and adults ate our feast! The only think that I do not like about cooking is the cleaning and washing of dishes (there is where I miss the most my nanny and maid from Bolivia) but I ended doing the dishes and after getting mad and concerned for a bit, I cleaned the war zone. Dan tried to help but somehow I do not like the idea of males cleaning or helping with the cleaning (a Bolivian wrong carried habit) and I sent him to play at the beach with the rest of the kids.
I am very thankful that Mr. E. Inman that aloud us to use his house by the ocean in Surfside Beach for our dinner and reunion, all the kids and adults had a great time and all the traveling around to get together from different States and locations was worth in full. Being from a landlocked country I appreciate the rhythmic sound of the waves and the fabulous view, just looking at the ocean from my window every morning brought peace to my soul.
I wish a happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and people that are always in my heart, my family and to the whole world!
It is time for me to get a big cup of trimate to digest all the Turkey, feed my kittens and to go to bed!

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