Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monday's requested recipe... IV
(on Tuesday)
Te Forma Diet.

Going on a liquid diet where all you consume is tea or diet “Te Forma” tea is not the way to create a tea diet. Rather you can receive the benefits that go along with it by infusing your diet with Te Forma. Some of the benefits include increasing metabolic rates and fat burning ability; in addition it helps decrease free radicals in your body by providing antioxidants. You can brew hot teas; enjoy cold green tea beverages in order to effectively increase your Te Forma diet.
Brewing Tea
Brewing a hot cup of Tea Forma with a tea bag and hot water is one of the most common ways to create a Tea Forma diet, see instructions in “how to brew a perfect coca tea” article published before. You can use a little bit of honey, artificial sweeteners or Stevia. Stay Away From The Sugar. Te forma comes in two flavors Orange and Green Tea but it is a good idea to add a fruit tea to get the vitamins that your body needs and also helps to prevent your craves for sweets and carbs; a twist of lime helps to clean your stomach. A good alternative for the afternoon is to mix a bag of tea forma with one of coca tea for every 5.5 oz of water for a quick energy afternoon drink, I call it my “ 2 pm Energizer Bunny Tea”
Cold Tea Drinks
If you don’t want to brew cups of green tea for your diet over and over then you also have the option of allowing it to cool before pouring it over ice and having a nice light and refreshing drink that can be both delicious and healthy, We published before a recipe about Ice Coca Tea , use the Te Forma instead to achieve a great refreshing drink.
To improve your overall well being and health, Te forma can be a great addition to your diet, you need at least 4 cups (5.5 oz each) per day, the first in the morning in a Empty Stomach and the rest during the day, this tea does not interfere with your sleep time, you can even have it by your side at night.
After you catch a good tea routine and the pounds start to melt away, please keep drinking tea, any kind is good, look for those that give you energy and keep you active, your body needs as much water as possible to metabolize food, stay away from the sodas and artificial drinks, even diet carbonated or not drinks are horrible to your health.
Stay active, keep the carbs for weekend ONLY as a reward for your " I am eating properly long week", a healthy diet is not a expensive diet, just check what you are eating and ask yourself if you really need that, lots of liquids and a positive attitude create a healthy energized body.

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