Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bolivia Stores
We are glad to announce for February 26th. the opening of our new sister web store www.BoliviaStores.com part of Mysterious Bolivia Stores (CBRA LLC). This store will feature a full variety of Bolivian products and also Latin American items; Our new commerce will be focused exclusively on the sale of product through the Internet. We are taking advantage of "globalization" to open the market for more than 500 Bolivian products. We will offer a big selection of gourmet and organic food, textiles, alpaca, jewelry, art, books, health products, musical instruments, etc. All shipped and distributed from the United States; our plan is to develop BoliviaStores.com to be the biggest Bolivian store in the Internet.
We are very thankful for your support.
Lyeleejoe G.M.

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