Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love is in the air!
Just in time for Valentines
# 6, 4 , 3 & 2?
EMS knocked at my door yesterday morning and brought 4 little pluffies together with the usual items. These cute babies arrived to Charlotte - NC from Oruro, Bolivia via express air mail. Through their journey, they stopped at La Paz main post office and then drove to El Alto Airport ( The highest international airport in the world), got inside a big airplane, destination, Thee USA. These four brothers and sisters stopped at Miami custom inspection, they didn't have a visa but they are so cute that they were immediatly accepted in the United States; after clearing they were sent to Charlotte - NC and delivered to me. Later today, I am taking them to Myrtle Beach - SC.
They are 13" from head to paw. Ultra soft, luxurious and delightful. They are the most incredible bears you've ever seen or felt! Snow white, no beige, cream or pearl, just flawless natural white with red silk-chiffon trendy accessories.
They were hand made of Friendly Baby Fur (alpacas are not harmed to obtain their fur!). Due to their handcrafted nature, not two bears are exactly alike, making each an exclusive model, They have their own personality even wen they are an adorable quadruplet set and they look alike. Well, here is the deal, only three available right now ( I am keeping # 2), they are posted at Amazon as well as . First come, first served and they will go out of our catalog immediately. I would love to track the whereabouts of my three little Teddies after they leave my house and I hope that whoever gets them can write a few lines back to us. I am not going to post any other Teddy Bear until this three are gone ( anyway, we will not get more for another ten days) So, get your Teddy bear, give her/him a new home, pick a name and please try to write a little bit about their new location and whom did you buy it for.
I will post their stories, adventures and journeys as they become available.

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