Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To Amazon.com MysteriousBolivia.com BoliviaStores.com Customers:

Many thanks but our sincere apologies too! Due to your overwhelming demand...... we have officially run out of Windsor 100ct Box, Air-Tight Bags and Lupi 100ct ! The Windsor tea will arrive tomorrow, Thursday and Friday in limited quantities.
Currently we have a waiting list and delayed orders. Tomorrow, we will start sending the delayed customer orders first, starting with the expedited shipments and followed by the standard shipments. Subsequent to the delayed orders, we will proceed with shipping the waiting list of Windsor 100's . Lupi will not be available until next Monday.
We only have a few MacMate 103 ct in inventory. By next week all the products will be available again.
We are so very sorry and thank you very much for your growing patronage and gracious patience!

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