Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Logo Competition
As April, 2007 our stores are under management and ownership of Reyes Avila LLC and a new partnership and no longer CBRA LLC that closed all commercial activity in the US , Europe and South America. Miss C.B. Reyes Avila will continue administrating the store during the transition time, but the stores are no longer her sole responsibility.
We are looking for a Logo for our stores, we were using different pictures from Bolivia provided by friends plus the name of the stores. Now Bolivia Stores needs a logo!.....
Therefore, we're running a competition, closing the end of July, with a first prize of $250 (American Dollars) in the form of your choice - be it Amazon certificates or product's credit in any of our stores http://www.mysteriousbolivia.com/ , http://www.boliviastores.com/ whatever. We will also send Bolivian gift sets of products to the best 10 entries. It's not a huge prize, but we are hoping it will be enough to make it fun to join in.
What we want is a new logo, in a format that we can use in both on our website (with relatively small dimensions) and on printed material (bigger) with a range of background colours. Submissions should be in Photoshop, Illustrator, EPS or Paint Shop Pro formats with all layers intact.
Bolivia Stores is part of "Reyes Avila LLC" same as Mysterious Bolivia, feel free to incorporate that term if you like, or don't if you feel the name stands out on its own.
Entries should be directed to MysteriousBolivia@gmail.com
The competition is open to all countries! We will publish the final 10 in August 1st and get the results and winner on August 6th ( Anniversary of Bolivia)
The new logo will be used in all our web pages, icons for application, new marketing campain, menu entries and documentation and will become property of Reyes Avila LLC.
Let's do it!
LyeleeJoe G.M.
Reyes Avila LLC

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