Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Kittens
I am the proud mom of.... two solid Persian cats:

"Madam Sasha Le Noir Reyes-Avila &
Purrinlot Monsieur Drago Le Blanc"

They are my companions for over three years now! S&D are very cute, extremely spoiled, smart and they love to travel with me, that is unusual for cats but they are just great at airplanes and cars.
Last year, by the end of June as we were trying to get Mysterious Bolivia Stores running, S&D became parents of one baby: "Monsieur Attila Le Bleu et Blanc" a.k.a. Blues; Attila because he ruled as a Khan the house and he was very playful but also destructive! It was hard to take care of business and check over a mischievous - hyperactive kitten. Sasha & Drago are usually couch potatoes and they never destroyed anything at home.
I love my Blues and I could not sell him or give him away easily because he is part of my family. So... he went to live to The Cat's Meow at Surfside Beach - SC, a boarding / grooming / vet place, where my cats get their hair cut, baths, vaccines and stay while I take long trips. Kim the owner takes good care of him and calls him " Frenchy" for the long french name he has.
Blues is very spoiled, as every kitten, pet or human should be, and one day he will become the Tomcat at the Cat's Meow. Blue's hair is amazingly long, he is a huge ball of fur, he has beautiful eyes, a big ego and a great pedigree.
I try to keep Sasha & Drago with a Lion cut most of the year otherwise their hair gets all over the house and living in the South I cannot imagine myself wearing a fur coat at all time.
By May, we will celebrate our first anniversary at Mysterious Bolivia Stores. We are very thankful to all our customers, we have had several delays in the last year and we had to deal with all the social and political instability in Bolivia. But we are working very hard to improve our customer service, get all the products available, reduce delays, control the orders and try to ship them as fast as is possible for us.
Well, going back to my kittens, Sasha got pregnant again ( and this is the last time) and yesterday, I got blessed with three kittens, "numero uno, dos y tres" no names yet because I do not have a clue about their gender.
Numero Uno is a bi-color black and white with a cute tuxedo look, Numero Dos looks like a tiger with a cute white tummy and Numero Tres is a copy of my Blues, a bi-color blue and white.
I decided to include a collage of all my kittens pictures....Grandad Majestic, Mom, Dad, Thee Blues and the 3 babies.. Enjoy them!

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