Monday, May 07, 2007

Bolivian Coffee

We are delighted to offer to America and the world "Cafe Valverde", this is truly small batch, hand-made, artisan-roasted coffee by Nelson, our Roastmaster. Nothing is mass produced. We get the best beans and we then roast them to perfection based on their size, density and crop year. Taste our coffee, you will be amazed!
We are very proud to report that on our first review by, the World's Leading Coffee Buying Guide, our Cumbre Supremo Roast achieved the highest score, 89 points, out of all Bolivian coffees reviewed. On the February 2007 issue, Ken Davids, one of the leading coffee authorities in the world, had this to say about our Cumbre Roast (A4) on a blind assessment: "Superb, richly sweet-toned aroma: semi-sweet chocolate with hints of raisins and cedar. In the cup rather lean-bodied, delicate, with crisp, very distinct cocoa-chocolate notes nuanced by hints of lemon, caramel, raisin."Furthermore, suggested that the coffee should be drunk by: "Those interested in exploring the pleasing edge of coffee flavor that overlaps cacao and chocolate."The full review can be read here.
At Bolivia Stores, we also offer other brands of Bolivian Coffee, Irupana, Caranavi, etc. all organic but "Cafe Valverde" is the favorite of everybody and now the new Espresso bean is part of every dinner and social gatherings.

LyeleeJoe G.M.
Bolivia Stores

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