Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Tea Review From Paris - France

As far as pure mate de coca is concerned, I must say I really enjoyed the taste of the Macmate brand. Compared to peruvian products the leaves are not as finely ground, which is something I appreciate for the flavour (pretty much in the same way that larger tea leaves are a sign of quality green tea). The tea has a fresh flavour, I drink mine with no sugar as I appreciate such light vegetable flavours, and only add honey or lemon to hot drinks if i am a little sick.

The Macmate tea is good, and feels organic, and rather fresh. It is not extra strong, but this might be linked to the harvest period. I also appreciated the Windsor tea, but the Macmate seemed a little more fresh in my opinion. These two were my favorite.

The Lupi brand I tasted had lighter coloured leaves, and the Frutte was ground to very fine leaf powder, and not my favorite. The other items I have yet to try, but I really enjoyed the Trimate mix, which is nice and soothing before bedtime. the "Only For Men" maca tea had a surprisingly great taste, as I had tasted maca powder and found it hard to drink. This "Solo Para Hombres" was really an excellent surprise. in the future, I think I will try out the Macmate again, as I am partial to tea strength and flavour, and this one really seemed slightly more potent than the others.
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