Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time To Say Good Bye

Well...... Uno, Dos y Tres or Pierre, Cyrus and Louis are big kittens now and it is time for them to find a new loving and caring family. I canceled all my trips for several weeks just because I had to take care of them and teach them all the kitten's things. Unfortunately, Sasha thinks she is human and totally forgot the cat's essentials and boy … she doesn’t have a clue about kittens. I thought that after caring for Thee Blues, she will learn to be a cat but I was wrong! , she refuses to be a cat and in her mind, she is the lady of the house!
Yesterday I placed an add at the local newspaper, the kittens are ready to go, well trained and hungry all the time but I had second thoughts about placing an add this week, my idea was to wait until I am back from my trip to Myrtle Beach , get the kittens vaccines at the Cats Meow at the same time that they Spay Sasha and then place the add... somehow I thought that because the holidays someone may ask for the kittens, like them and get them after we are back.
Hopping to find good families for my 3 babies, I gave the ok for the newspapers add. I was very scared yesterday when I received some strange emails from a Lady that wanted to get them all and she wanted to send a company to transport them to who knows where! It sounded to me like Cruella DeVille, and I had to refuse the offer! ( I shouldn't judge people and I do not like to do it but my cats are my family and I will do what my heart says with God's help ) Some other people called and emailed but I do not like to do things unless I feel comfortable doing them.
This morning I got a call and then an email from a Gentleman that lost his 15 year old Persian and wanted more pictures sent to his wife; furthermore, he wanted to know everything about the kittens. His email was sincere and the wife called a few minutes later very interested for Syrus or Pierre. I was happy! I thought: they already know how to take care of Persians, they like cats and they want cats! ... a match made in Heaven!
I promise Sarah, the wife of my best friend from childhood in Bolivia to give her Syrus and I am just waiting for her call from Tallahassee to personally deliver the kitten if necessary, I can always enjoy great Latin food, some party, friends and music while I deliver Syrus to Florida, besides that, Jaime’s parents are visiting from Bolivia and it is always nice to be around my people; Jaime does not like cats and she is trying to convince him.
By lunch time, the lady came to my house with her 2 friends and they just fell in love with the kittens, the poor babies took a bath in the morning and they were a little bit tired, I was hopping to get them to the vet this afternoon for their vaccine and I wanted my kittens smelling fresh and nice...... After all the handling and petting, she wanted two?! How happy I was! Pierre and Louis love each other and they always slept together in their kennel, Cyrus is very independent and selfish and strongly reminds me to Drago as a baby, he was too sexy for me and for the world, well he is still too sexy in his insane mind and he decides when he wants to be pet or sleep on my bed but it is impossible to catch him, he runs and hides like a specie in danger of extinction. Pierre is incredibly smart and learned very fast his mom’s tricks and Louis is a purring machine, he used to jump to my bed and purrrr for ever, he likes to smell my food and always asked for a bit.
I do not put a price to the things I love and Blues went for free to Kim at the Cats Meow just because I knew he will be well treated and happy and I get the chance to see him often and pet him; but I know that when we pay a price (not estrictly a monetary value) for our belongings and things we want and/or love, we as humans have the tendency to value them more and care for them. So, Pierre and Louis found a new home with loving people and I didn’t think twice about them leaving right away, I felt very sure that they will be ok and Shawn, the new mom promised to send pictures, that’s all I can ask for, I am a very happy mom!

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