Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coca Tea Windsor - Loose Tea Leaves
Product Review
By James Yawn Published Jul 20, 2007

The Coca Tea Windsor is a pure 100% organic dry crushed coca leaf. This is basically a epicurean herbal tea. The Coca Tea Windsor is launched by a well experienced German company called Hansa Ltd. The Windsor is an export quality tea from Bolivia. It tastes like a combination of two different flavors, namely peppermint green tea and a smooth mild grassy flavor. According to the journal of the American Medical Association the Coca Tea Windsor does not contain any chemical additives. Hence this can be sipped at any part of the day to refresh you without any addiction. The Coca Tea Windsor helps in revitalizing and restoring the energy and recharges the body after a day's work. This has the potential to regulate the carbohydrate metabolism in the body. This brings a great relief to the women folk who are suffering from PMS and menopause symptoms. This herbal tea acts as a powerful stress relieving agent. The Coca Tea also helps with blood pressure, altitude sickness, IBS, bi-polar symptoms and depression. Further this wonder tea aids in massaging the vocal cord irritation and prevents vertigo. A box of Coca Tea Windsor contains 100 individually wrapped tea bags. 100 grams of coca leaves contain Nitrogen 20.06 mg, Alkaloids 0.70 mg, Fat 3.68 mg, Carbohydrates 47.50 mg, Beta carotene 9.40 mg, Alpha carotene 2.76 mg, Vitamin C 6.47 mg, Vitamin E 40.17 mg, Thiamine 0.73 mg, Riboflavin 0.88 mg ,Niacin 8.37 mg, Calcium 997.62 mg, Phosphate 412.67 mg, Potassium 1739.33 mg ,Magnesium 299.30 mg, Sodium 39.41 mg ,Aluminum 17.39 mg ,Barium 6.18 mg ,Iron 136.64 mg, Strontium 12.02 mg ,Boron 6.75 mg ,Copper 1.22 mg ,Zinc 2.21 mg, Manganese 9.15 mg and Chromium 0.12 mg No other tea has such rich contents of herb in it that too without any trace of addicting agents. It is not just the taste that draws people to this herbal tea but also its catchy presentation. The Coca Tea Windsor comes in special air tight bag that has a unique flavor locking system. The packaging is such that even in humid and unstable weather the tea retains its freshness. All the tea at Windsor has to pass a thorough quality testing. This comes with a golden sticker that assures top quality product. This gourmet herbal tea is a good substitute to the caffeine addicts. This has a mild stimulating affect. It tastes similar to green tea. You can improve the taste by adding small amount of sugar. Honey is a good alternative but it might mask the delicate subtle sweet flavor of the Coca Tea Windsor. Drinking the Coca Tea Windsor is an experience by itself. It is available at many online merchant websites, including Amazon
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