Friday, October 26, 2007

My favorite Song
(Adios Nonino: Astor Piazzolla)

The same song with a "Romantic European" twist

Music and Math are the universal language of the world, You don't need to speak Spanish to get the message of this song but like any strong feeling or feeling motivator, we all can ilustrate the meaning in our own way and give it our own interpretation.
Music is an "easy to read code" because it triggers our minds from our ears and touches our souls without major training or learning process, but still keeps its mystic protocol.
The same happens with Math, it is a language shared by human beings regardless your culture, color, political tendency or gender, No matter what unit of exchange we use or were in the world we live, we are likely to get the math result the same way. There is a connections between mathematics and music, The first person to make the connection was Pythagoras, when he said that "Math is everywhere" even in the rhythmic bit of our hearts that generate our daily music of life.
This song remind me to my dad, when young, he went to college to Argentina to become an Electrical Engineer; but he not only acquire the high math concepts, rules, enunciate, postulate, thesis and anti-thesis that math and engineering give you, he also adopted the Argentinian way or life; its music, food, traditions and even the attraction to glamorous Argentinian females. My dad's first wife and mother of my brother Sergio Antonio (he is older than my mom, being mom the forth and last wife) is from Argentina same as Sergio and some of my other brothers and sisters.
When my dad came back to Bolivia, from Argentina, after college and later after exile, he brought with him not only the music he deeply loves but also the rules of respect and appreciation to other cultures.
When I was a kid. I remember our lunch time, when every member of the family was sitting around the same long table and everything was quiet and relaxing... the smooth notes of a Tango or the accords of "Los Panchos" , "Los Chalchaleros" and so many other Argentinian singers or groups as part of my dearest childhood memories.
The allegory of this song is deep, it represents pain, grief, memories, happiness and the love you profess to your father or whatever that motivates your heart, even if Math is what you truly love.
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