Sunday, December 16, 2007


Standard orders.-
All standard orders are mailed by first class mail, after tomorrow, Monday December 17th, we do not guarantee that your order will arrive on time for Christmas, it just depends where you are located, we mail from Charlotte - NC and or/ Myrtle Beach - SC , West Coast orders will not make it, think about expedited shipping before you place your order. As an extra holiday spirit , we will immediately upgrade all standard orders of 2 boxes 100ct or up to priority mail.

Expedited orders.-
Wednesday is the last day we guarantee that your order will make it on time for Christmas, after that , please contact us and we may be able to arrange a express shipping or over night shipping.

Canada Orders.-
We are very sorry with all our Canada customers but there are huge delays to this particular country, all orders leave on time but they can be stopped at custom from 5 - 20 days and that is just out of our control, so expect delays. We were seriously considering stop mailing to Canada because it takes too long for the packages to arrive, something illogical because we mail from US. We never lost one package to Canada but we have experience 3 weeks delay before the order is delivered to the customer by the Canadian Postal Service.

Same problem to Europe! December is a black month for shipping due the heavy parcel traffic worldwide. Your order is 100% guaranteed and we will re-ship or refund the total amount of your order if you do not get your package 30 days later, no exception, no excuses, you don't get it... you should not pay for it!

Happy Everything!

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