Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bolivian Drinks & Sweets V

Coca Tea Pudding


1 can of sweetened, condensed milk (leche condensada)
1 bar of low fat cream cheese
3 Tablespoon of brown sugar
3 Teaspoons of powder coca tea ( coca flour)
4 eggs, beaten
Optional 2 Oz of Grand Marnier or Agwa


  • Mix the coca tea and cream cheese in the food processor until you have a soft mixture
  • Beat the eggs on a food processor and slowly add the condensed milk
  • To the mixture of condensed milk and eggs, slowly incorporate the coca-cream cheese and Optional Liquor; let it sit for a few minutes while you prepare the caramel
  • In a saucepan dissolve the sugar in 4 tablespoon of water and heat carefully until it becomes syrupy and slightly tan
  • Pour the caramel in a pudding baking dish, let it cool for 1 minute or so
  • Over the caramel slowly pour the pudding mixture on top
  • Take a slightly larger dish and fill halfway with hot water
  • Place the dish with the pudding mixture inside the larger dish, cook in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes then cover with foil and let if cook until the custard is completely cooked , generally another 45 minutes.
  • Serve slightly chilled topped with wiped cream

(pictures tomorrow)

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