Thursday, January 24, 2008

Google Checkout

Starting today, January 24th 2008, we no longer use Paypal at , in order to improve our check out and facilitate to our customers a safe transaction, we have opted to use Google Checkout, a new service that makes online shopping faster, safer and more convenient.
Google Checkout also offers fraud protection, as well a unified page for tracking purchases and their status
Google Checkout is focused on enabling one-time payments to be made from a purchaser to a merchant. Unlike Paypal, Google Checkout does not require the purchaser to create an account, does not permit the use of stored funds, nor allows payments from person to person.
Checkout instructions

We still accept Western Union, Checks and Money Order , just press the icon:
To use any major credit card through Google checkout press the google icon ( shipping charges will be calculated on the next page and they are the same as Money order or checks )

If you really want to pay using paypal, just email us and we will send you an easy to pay invoice.

Thank you for choosing our products and stores, we will publish the yearly coupons for on Monday.

Reyes Avila LLC.

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