Friday, February 22, 2008


Do you really know where your coca tea is coming from?

Reyes Avila, LLC is an American Company based in Charlotte- NC with several years of experience in Imports, Exports, International Markets and Quality & Industrial control. We are a BBB certified company. The Better Business Bureau enjoys a 98% favorable name recognition rating as reported in a survey from the Gallup Organization. With this level of positive public awareness, it's clear that membership in your local BBB lets customers and potential customers know that your business is worthy of their trust.

When you place your orders with us, you can be sure that we are committed to offer you a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and it is part of our policies and responsibilities to offer you, our customers, a personalized attention and care from the moment you place your order until you receive it.
We distribute over hundred different products to the American Market; all our products are legally imported in the U.S. we complete all customs paperwork in origin and in US territory. We do not hide under misleading shipping policies that say “Your package is subject to customers inspections at your port of entry and we ‘XXX’ can not be held responsabile for boxes open or seizures by your local officials” as most foreign companies do it .

With us, your purchase is guaranteed, all our packages are shipped from Charlotte – North Carolina , Unites States of America and not overseas; your orders do not have to go through 20 – 30 days transit under unknown climate environments, humidity , bacteria exposure, mishandling, etc. That surely damage the quality , taste, flavor and it is a real health hazard for people in the US.

Reyes Avila, LLC clears customs every week with every lot we receive, we have all the paperwork, licenses and we distribute every product we import in a responsible manner to America thought Amazon and all its associated web pages that offer our products and our web pages & . All our packages are transported by air cargo with a minimum transit time between South America and US and we keep all our products in climate controlled facilities at all time besides periodical random laboratory tests to incoming lots to assure the best quality.

Being our biggest customer, our company works very hard to keep the standards that they give us and encourage us to follow and we offer just the best and freshest products available in Peru and Bolivia not from the street’s market or black markets but directly from the factories that produce then and our factories, always under strict supervision of our engineers in South America and US.

Carol Blenda Reyes Avila, President

Reyes Avila, LLC

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