Friday, February 08, 2008

We are back in Business!

After a week of suspended activities at and Bolivia Stores , we are back in business!! This week we have re-evaluated our activities and operations, updated inventories, controlled missed orders, re-shipped lost Holiday's season orders and restructured our shipping, tracking and packaging system.

We'll be able to send you a confirmation email with your tracking label within 24 hours after USPS picks your package up. Unfortunately, we have suspended international mailing of our products; we are going to analyze the shipment option using EMS, the only international service that guarantees delivery, the price is higher than regular First Class International mail but the service this company offers to their customers is excellent. We should be able to get this service installed by February 15th.

We have new Bolivian and Peruvian organic products ready to be introduced to the American Market; new teas, mates, soups, native textiles, candies and spices, all under our company's guarantees. Every time a new product is published at our stores we take care of the Quality and Industrial control, Laboratory testing in Origin and in the US, Fare Trading Certificates from our providers, etc to guarantee a satisfactory experience to our customers. We are working on our Fall- Winter collection 2008-2009 for Alpaca clothing, our first collection introduced the last year had a great success, all our garments were designed in America and carefully crafted in Bolivia by experienced artisans using the best baby alpaca wool selection.

Reyes Avila LLC is a legal established company in the US, incorporated in May of 2007 , we currently have 8 part time and 2 full time workers taking care of inventories, customers service, packaging, invoicing, Import and Export Records, Customs Paperwork, Laboratory testing, Industrial, Health and quality control in the United States alone.

We are an equal opportunity company but our Christian - Catholic spirit, inspire us to help unemployed Latin or minorities people from our church community or area to create an income working for us packing and mailing your orders, they receive a fair basic salary plus a bonus per mailed package, the flexibility of schedule and basic training in security, regulations and norms.

Most of our customers that wrote us an email or called us had the change to interact with Miss Lye -Lee Yung from Hong Kong, a very hardworking young lady taking care of customer's service, inventory and supervision of activities, she is not only a tea expert with several years of experience in Tea factories in China, she is also a clothing designer and holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management.

Our company owns two climate control warehouses, one in Charlotte- NC and one in Myrtle Beach – SC, with a large storage surface, packing and shipping area and modern offices. Reyes Avila LLC is part of Reyes Avila, Srl. in Bolivia, an Import- Export company with 23 years experience in trading of Bolivian goods worldwide with exports of jewelry, textiles, alpaca clothing, organic food, leather and imports of mining equipment, tools, industrial equipment, electrical generators, etc. Reyes Avila Srl. (Bolivia) Employs over hundred native workers in Oruro - Bolivia, from artisans, leather experts, Jewelry crafters, Industrial Engineers, labor people and technicians.

Today, Reyes Avila LLC (USA) and Reyes Avila Srl. (Bolivia) successfully sell their products to over 30 countries around the world and distributes them to several online stores, gourmet shops and high scale boutiques in Europe and America. We are a “Better Business Bureau” Accredited Business in Charlotte – NC with a satisfactory record and “zero complains” in the last 12 months. We sell part of our inventory at , and , which distributes them on several of its associated stores and merchants.

As always, we offer a 100% Customer satisfaction and we are grateful for all your support.

Carol Blenda Reyes Avila, President
Reyes Avila LLC

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