Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Priority International Shipping
International shipping is back at Amazon.com and BoliviaStores.com But ... only Priority International Mail or Expedited, we are not going to offer regular or standard shipping to any country outside the United States at those sites never again! We had enough headaches during the Holiday Seasons with lost and damaged packages to the point that we completely stopped international orders.
We figured out that an effective way we have to ship to our customers overseas is offering a Priority mail service "only" . Tracking numbers will be posted within 48 hours of shipping and you can use the "track my order" link at your Amazon account. This service is more expensive than standard mail but worth the extra dollars.
Canada Customers
Even when this is a faster way to ship your orders, Canada's customs is still difficult, priority shipping from Charlotte - NC to anywhere in Canada generally takes 7 business days. Please try to order Airtight bags only or products packed in Airtight bags. We will custom package all coca flour inside the saran coated bags for your convenience. Check the product's description and choose the Air Tight bags, this accelerates considerably custom's inspection.
Australia Customers
Due quarantine regulations we advice to only order Airtight bag products, EMS service is available at http://www.mysteriousbolivia.com/ only upon request. Priority mail can take 10 days due the distance and country's regulations.
Europe Customers
You still have the chance to order directly at http://www.mysteriousbolivia.com/ for the standard shipping, generally Europe postal service is fast and does not require a priority mailing but it is your choice.
As always , all our order have a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! If your order cannot be tracked, we offer a reshipment or a complete refund no questions asked. If you do not get your package, you shouldn't pay and that is part of our policy in the US or anywhere.
Any further questions, please email us at MysteriousBolivia@gmail.com or BoliviaStores@gmail.com
C.B.R.A, President
Reyes Avila, LLC

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