Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Delayed Orders

As today, Wednesday 21st of May, 2008 there no more delayed orders, all packages where shipped on Monday and Tuesday. The supply of MacMate Air Tight Bags was limited and in order to complete all orders that include this item, we sent MacMate 103 Boxes plus a new - empty air tight bag for tea storage, it is the same tea, same production, same quality only with additional paper-wraps.
We will get a new lot of MacMate Air Tight Bag next week, otherwise, all products are available and Windsor Air Tight Bag is back after 2 months out of stock. Please read our shipping policy, we do get a few delays every year, unfortunately inevitable with CompaƱero Evo Morales as head of the country. Be sure that we work really hard to get this great products available to the US market and we really appreciate all our customer's support.
If your order was delayed, please contact us at , you are entitled to a 30% one time use coupon

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