Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday's Requested Recipe... VI
Strawberry – Lime Ice Coca Tea
( Brian V. )

6 spoons powdered coca tea ( coffee measurement)
7-10 Strawberries
2 Limes or Lemons without seeds
4 Smallbags of Splenda
1 Jar with Spigot
Ice & cold water.


  • Wash the strawberries under cool running water. Remove caps, slice and set aside to drain.
  • Slice the limes and remove all seeds
  • Fill half of the jar with ice
  • Poor 4 spoons of coca flour, all strawberries and half the slices of lime or lemon
  • Fill the rest of the jar with ice leaving space for the remaining coca flour and lime.
  • Poor the Splenda, 2 spoons of powdered coca tea and the lime slices.
  • Fill the whole jar with water.
  • Let it sit inside inside your refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
  • Enjoy your coca tea!!

The ice will melt slowly and the remaining coca flour will sit in the bottom of the jar same as the strawberries.The strawberries give a fruity, smooth taste that perfectly balances the grassy flavor of coca creating a velvety texture. The limes or lemons help realize the coca alkaloids but, "Do Not" leave the limes inside the jar more than 6 hours or the tea will turn bitter. After the jar is empty discard the strawberries!
Americans love their iced tea. And, yes, like all southerners, here in Charlotte – NC we drink it year round. At Bolivia Stores, we've been thinking of writing about Iced Coca Tea for some time, but have been putting it off for one reason or another, specially trying to find the right potion! Bear in mind that these instructions are not the result of any exhaustive study performed in corporate test kitchens. Rather, they result from my 30-plus years of making coca tea in my own kitchen, practically every day. Somehow I mastered the tea bag and whole leaves brewing long time ago but when we introduced the coca flour to our inventory late last year, a new challenge emerged: How to brew a good coca tea with powder?? We experimented with the Aeropress and we got the CocaPress that it is very good and strong. Generally, we advice to our customers to brew the Powdered Coca Tea the same way they brew coffee but, I just do not like to go through the whole cleaning around and decided to find alternatives to make it easy, fast and ready when I want it!

Carol Blenda Reyes Avila

* The Jar is 5 1/2" Diameter x 10 1/2" H (excluding handle), this recipe brews ane gallon of coca tea

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