Saturday, October 04, 2008

Don't miss out on the 2008 elections. Fill out the voter registration form at
We live in a democracy and we are blessed with rights that Democracy give us and that means that we all get a say in who runs our country, and by way of this privilege we also get a say about how our country is run. It is very easy to be blase about our right to vote and take a "whatever, who cares" kind of attitude about it but you shouldn't brush this great honor off so quickly. Sure registering can be a bit of a chore, and yes, you have to head down to a polling station on voting day to pull your lever which takes some time out of your day and may cost you a few bucks in gas or a trip in a headious bus, train, etc.... But whether you know it or not these are very small prices to pay for the right to vote. In some countries people are literally dying to be able to cast a ballot and make a difference.
Vote! ... It is your Right !
Carol Blenda Reyes Avila.
Reyes Avila, LLC

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