Thursday, November 13, 2008


Mr. Evo Morales decided to suspend any DEA operations indefinitely in Bolivia last week what delayed the import - export paperwork for coca flour in the U.S. from Bolivia ( basically affected all imports from Bolivia into the United States ) for what we couldn't process orders that included coca flour or powdered coca tea for the last 10 days. All orders received since November 1st. were delayed because of this incident. We apologize for this delay but in a situation as extreme as this one, there is practically nothing we can do.
Nevertheless, by order of Miss Reyes Avila last week, all Bolivian coca flour production was transported from our factories in Cochabamba - Bolivia to our offices in Peru from where we mailed and exported them later last week. The good news are that we received today a pair of lots of coca flour to cover all delayed orders, and we hope to get more next week for this weekend order.
We have now started processing those delayed orders. Some already shipped this afternoon and the rest should ship at the end of the week. We should be done catching up on this delay in processing by Saturday.
The demand for Bolivian coca flour is very high, no other natural drink has all the benefits of coca, the quality of our final products is excellent, and we can offer to all our customers just the best coca products in the market in two different house varieties: "Caranavi Private Reserve" our green - brownish flour and " McMate gold" the bright green powdered coca tea.
Enjoy our products and thank you for your patience and patronage.

Miss Lyelee
Bolivia Stores

All delayed orders will get a 20% discount coupon, please email us at if your order was delayed to get your code.

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