Monday, November 03, 2008

New Coca Tea
McMate Premium Organic 100 Ct
Gold Air Tight Bag &
Private Reserve Caranavi

McMate deserves an obvious five stars rating, not only because it is our house brand but because this is a new, natural, sophisticated and eco-friendly coca tea. Most boxed coca teas, Bolivian or Peruvian, are more or less the same as the techniques used for production are very similar with the same contents and weight per tea bag.
I have been drinking coca tea for 32 years and have tried them all and liked most. But with McMate Air Tight Bag, we tried to create an exquisite gourmet tea which is produced differently versus the traditional techniques used for 100 years in Bolivia (Windsor celebrates its 100 anniversary this year). Specifically, we have obtained the finest selection of organic coca leaves ( three different varieties of coca leaf ) which are free of pesticides and chemicals and arranged for them to be tested in US laboratories. Thus we have pioneered a top-notch process encompassing all steps in the processing of raw coca leaf to the final tea bag. The coca leaves go through a slow dehydration process similar to that of slow roasting coffee beans to get a humidity free product to prevent bacteria or fungus from developing and then we crush them into large flakes instead of the powdery-like content used for most brands. Our filter paper is bleach free and recognizable by its beige-like color instead of the traditional bright white. We opted for the golden Air Tight bag (Double Saran Coated Polyester) to guarantee the absolute freshness of the product and discarded all paper wraps that can interfere with the coca tea flavor or over dry the delicate tea bags. Our Air Tight bags do not “breathe”. The technology used is similar to that used to pack electronic components. They have a zip lock system and can be recycled or reused.
The best thing about McMate is it freshness. The tea is only produced one time per week in Bolivia and only for the American market and as soon as it leaves the factory it is packed and sent by air cargo with a three to seven day transit time. After that it is mailed from Charlotte, NC to all of our customers worldwide.
Also try our new limited - time McMate "Private Reserve Caranavi" Silver pouches separated in ten convenient 10ct Bio-Packs (Israeli biotechnology) Natural, Non Toxic and Insect Repellent material that prolongs storage time increasing both manufacturer and customer satisfaction, seal assures consumers that the food inside is safe from any kind contamination or infestation and it is easy to carry around. The latest food technology provides to our customers with the top Coca Products in the World.

Enjoy McMate Air Tight Bag Coca Tea and Powdered Coca Tea McMate!


Carol Blenda Reyes Avila &
The employees of the Reyes-Avila Corporation

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