Monday, August 19, 2013

Health Benefits and 

Cultural Issues of Coca

Most notable benefits of coca:
  • Reduces muscular exhaustion
  • Relieves hunger and thirst
  • Increases endurance
  • Acts as an anesthesia 
  • Rich in vitamins (B1, riboflavin, C, calcium)
  • Alleviates respiratory problems associated with high altitude 
  • Helps pain from rheumatism, external sores, and headaches
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac 

Many people misunderstand the cultural practice of using coca leaves for various purposes because they contain the cocaine alkaloid is made from.  Despite popular belief, coca leaves are not addictive and contain only trace amounts of cocaine.  Coca is a plant with countless benefits for health and rich in tradition, but has also served as a basis for discrimination against indigenous Andean peoples who use it legitimately

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logcabin said...

Although Mystereous Bolivia ,''claims'' they are ,''for'' coca,They continue to sell their product useing U.S.A. propaganda to sell their product,which by no means helps the Bolivian farmers or people,,They claim there is a kokaine alkaloid IN the leaf ,which is a outright lie.The truth is,koka has never ever been,''tested'' alone,,ever!!!By the u.s.a. ,''rules'' coca is always converted to benzoylecgonine,then tested.Anotherwards the truth is,they take that leaf,appply ethanol+_hydrochloric acid+ that coca leaf=benzoylecgonine..The actual material tested is the ,''end product'' from that recipe of ethanol+acid+coca leaf ,,,,not the coca leaf alone ever!!!!They make this benzoylecgonine,then test it,not the coca leaf alone,ever..Why u ask,,because if thery were to test the leaf alone,it would NOT,i REPEAT NOT come up positive for any com[pounds such as benzoylecgonine,thus ,''they could not make there lie,,,''There's cocaine in that leaf.That is the truth,,yet mystereous bolivia continues this lie,This is also why the U.S.A. government will NOT allow any other truthful test method other then the one set forth by the U.S...pharmocopia,,,they know,if they allow the leaf to be tested in its natural form,,there lies would exposed for all to see,,,thus no more regulateing again one of gods creations of a plant,,,,paita