Friday, March 25, 2016

Greetings from New Hampshire, Replacing Oxycodone and Naproxen with Coca

My name is J. H, and I've been enjoying your coca products in New Hampshire, USA for several years now. Coca helps my travels by mountain bicycle seem less taxing in the steep hills of New England.

So glad to see you've added kratom to your product line. Another wonderful organic herb that can't really be grown (certainly not for profit) in the natural climate of North America. I've been using a particular blend for pain management for the last 5 years: 

4 parts kratom (powdered leaf)
2 parts coca (powdered leaf tea) and 
one to one and one-half parts powdered ginger root (spice) or your lemon/ginger powdered tea blend. 

This adds the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger to the analgesic properties of kratom and the oxygenating properties of coca. The ginger/lemon also greatly reduces the nausea sometimes associated with kratom consumption and doesn't tear up your stomach like over the counter NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. 

It can be used as a tea or put up in gel caps, which tend to weight about .6 grams per 000 size capsule. I've completely replaced my oxycodone and naproxen sodium prescriptions with this blend, at a similar cost to my wallet but much lower cost to my liver and kidneys (and sanity). My average dose of kratom is 4 grams, plus 2 grams of coca and one of the ginger or ginger/lemon tea when using the pain formula blend. I repeat that dose every 5-6 hours or as needed for pain management. Evenings, or other times I want relaxation, I use a red kratom blend by itself or with ginger, but without the stimulating effects of the coca. 

I'd put the blend up in capsules and sell it as an organic pain Rx formula, but the darn DEA or FDA would simply ban it immediately to protect their big corporate contributors' little opium-like pills that make them so much money, and keep Americans hooked on opiate painkillers.

I don't know why the American government hates green plants, except Nixon-era drug "warriors" always want another green plant to vilify for personal profit, but I'm glad that we've been able to keep their greedy hands off our coca and kratom, as well as kava. We Americans have the Botanical Legal Defense dot org and American Kratom Association constantly battling local politicians who want to score some easy political points by outlawing anything that competes with big chemical Rx companies in the name of the great god of clean and sober (two things most Americans aren't). We've been successful at preventing anything more than an 18+ restriction for kratom in most US states, so far.  

Thanks again for bringing your wonderful products to the USA. Feel free to reprint this endorsement if you like, in whole or part, and good health to us!

--J.H, customer since 2014
Canterbury, New Hampshire

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