Friday, March 25, 2016

Tigger D, Glutten Intolerance, Gut - Intestinal Flora and Coca Tea.

Drinking Coca Tea.

I drink it with hot water...2 to 4 grams in a cup...sometimes 6 grams but not often...that is for in case I won't be able to drink more tea for a while.  
So, besides the great medicinal benefits I get for my guts...because I had major problems that I 'm still getting over...major gluten intolerance,  and major candida, and my gut flora was completely destroyed from medication (narcotics) and antibiotics...and the tea really helps my gut and my energy and mood.   

Even after I am well, I will still want the tea, because of the same reasons...great for motivation and mood and energy and the guts!  

Because of my current condition...that is why I get so upset when I run out.  And my gut brain connection is screwed up sometimes because of this illness. I am getting well though. I use no medication except mmj, and guarana, and coca tea!   

- Tiger D.L. 
Arvada - Colorado
Customer at since 2010 - 2013 and Amazon since 2009

- Tiger is a loyal and old customer, for years, we have provided him with A or AA grade powdered tea, he drinks Oruro Especial right now but before he was a Caranavi drinker for years. Tiger has a serious gluten intolerance and intestinal issues that only coca has been effective to control, he is one of the most sensitive customers to any shortage of products and we tried to complete his order as fast as possible every week as we know that he will not be able to do much without coca. He gets very mad when he does not get his order right away and we understand his bad mood as it is a result of  his pain. 

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